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My name is Bill and I love to play World of Warcraft more than anything else. I'm proud to say that I have been a WoW gamer since release.

As you probably know, one of the biggest challenges in WoW is gaining gold. Gold is needed for everything, from gear, to consumables, to materials, to mounts. Over the years I have read and tested all the gold guides out there. Some of the guides are decent but many are just not worth it.

That's why I decided to create my own personal reviews for the top wow gold guides that I have used, to hopefully save anyone else time and money.

Realize that these reviews are from my own personal experiences, and thus are only my own personal opinion and preferences.

Of course you're FREE to choose whatever you want...

Here is my list for the top WoW gold guides:

Warcraft Wealth








Quick overview:

• Contains a special section for the advanced players (level 70)
• Brand-new content that's usable with the latest patches
• Money back guarantee for 60 days
• 100% legit methods and strategies

My comments:

The Warcraft Wealth Guide is a newcomer to the guide market and has quickly become my most used book. I have used most of the techniques that are presented inside and these methods have worked wonders. I was able to gain nearly 5,000 gold in less than a week, by playing only a few hours a day. Another beneficial aspect of this guide is the fact that it's very well structured and it has zero fluff. It's aimed only at making gold.

The "noob" section shows the easiest ways to make gold at a lower levels. The "advanced" section presents some advanced techniques for making gold fast (even Wayne's personal method that made him 5,124g in 22 hours).

Plus, this guide includes some insider secrets about utilizing the Auction House (2 videos) to make great returns. Not many players know how to play the Auction House effectively!

I feel this gold guide is the best choice at the moment...and I highly recommend it!

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Luke's Gold Secrets

Quick overview:

• Been around a long time
• Money back guarantee for 8 weeks
• 100% legit methods and strategies

My comments:

Luke's Gold Secrets was one of the first guides on the market. It is well written and covers much of the game. In addition, you also get several bonus feature items to help you get rolling all that much faster.

For the longest time, this was my guide of choice. It still has lots of great info, but I haven't seen that it has kept up with the newest and latest ways to make gold.

However, it is still a good investment.

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Valkor's Gold Guide






Quick overview:

• Still may represent a solution for your game.
• Money back guarantee for 60 days
• 100% legit methods and strategies

My comments:

When I first read this book, I took a level 50 character and used the methods inside to make gold to help me level, as well as buy my epic riding mount the moment I hit 60. Valkor's is great if you are not quite 70 yet.

If you are a middle level player and you want to make some gold while you're advancing to 70, Valkor's guide may represent a good alternative.

Overall, you may give it a try...

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My top recommendation is Warcraft Wealth. If you were to get only one guide, you cannot go wrong with this one. However, if you are an enthusiast (like me), you can purchase all three of these guys because they are worth the money.

my gold

This is a screenshot of my gold taken on August 8, 2008. I have amassed this gold from using the guides listed above as well as my own techniques. In addition to this surplus of gold, I also have epic flying mounts on 3 level 70 characters.

Trust me, these guides work!

Check out Warcraft Wealth today!

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